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Maggie and Erma's House in Greensboro, NC  

Maggie and Erma's House, Inc. was founded on June 10, 2002 and is a nonprofit 9 to 12 month program for women recovering from alcohol and drug abuse. Maggie and Erma's House is a seven-bed, 12 step recovery home that offers structure, discipline, guidance and support.

Maggie and Erma's House is for women who are serious about turning their lives around and who want an exceptional family home with other women who are just as serious. If you want relief from drugs and alcohol, Maggie and Erma's house offers women what they need in a compassionate environment designed to offer long lasting recovery and personal fulfillment.

Maggie and Erma's House is a faith based organization that does not discriminate against anyone based on their religion, race or creed . We also gladly accept donations from anyone!

Address: 1501 West Friendly Avenue Geensboro, NC 27403 USA | Telephone: 1(336)691-1604 Fax: 1(336)691-1604



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